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2 02 2010

If you found this page, you should email me (or leave a comment). It would be safe to assume you have diabetes and are tired of people thinking there are things you can’t do.

(If you don’t have diabetes, you should send this page to a friend – or 10 – who do.)

This project is still in its infancy. I have talked to fewer then 20 people about it. The reaction I got from everyone is, “I’m so glad you are doing this. How can I be a part?”

Want to learn more and/or be a part? Email me: diabetes[at]kotch[dot]biz

Or  post a comment.




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26 03 2010

Hi Ken

I’ve been working on a similar project in The UK since January. I’m also a type 1 diabetic photographer and I’m trying to get 20 active diabetic potraits for an exhibition in London in June. I’m working with the charity Diabetes UK to try and dispel some of the myths around the condition. You can see some of the pics at http://jamesclarkephotography.wordpress.com

Here’s to the pancreatically challenged!


8 06 2010
Stephanie Fisher

Hi Ken & James,
Hats off to you both. These are both great projects.
I am 24 and have had type 1 diabetes since the age of 5. I am currently working as an aid worker for an international medical aid charity in Darfur, Sudan. My hobbies include travelling, trampolining and skiing! I am determined not to let my diabetes dictate what kind of life I lead, and I am glad that your projects will encourage others to think similarly!
Congratulations and keep up the good work,

28 04 2010
danielle steffener

hi have you heard of gabriel cousins and the movie reversing diabetes: Raw for 30 days you should really check it out and his books.anythings possible if you believe in it!

14 05 2010
Bernard Farrell

Ken, this sounds like a really interesting project. I’ve had type 1 for 38 years and it’s not stopped me from doing anything.

I’ve added your blog to the diabetes search engine. I donate the advertising money to Dr. Faustman’s research into a cure for type 1.

17 05 2010

My daughter Rachel is 12 years, 10 months and 8 days old. Her broken pancreas was diagnosed 11 years, 3 months and 13 days ago when she was just 18 months old. Thru time she has done a lot of just about everything! Sports, theater, band, A student in Pre AP classes. She is a happy kid who happens to have to wear a pump and check her blood because she has a faulty prancreas.

4 06 2010
Jon L

Hi Ken,

Great site you have going – not sure if you already know about the Flickr group “Diabetes 365”, it’s right up your alley. Keep up the good work!

~Jonathan (@ExtendSnacks)

8 06 2010
Michael Hoskins

Ken: Great site and project you’ve got going! Sounds like you’re doing great with it so far, and I’m eager to see it progress! Been Type 1 for 26 years now, since the age of 5, and haven’t let it limit me in my daily life despite exactly what you’ve described (The D-Police). Anyhow, exciting project! If you make it through the Indianapolis area, I’d be more than willing to have a meetup and offer a spare room at the house if needed (assuming the wife agrees, and the dog and cat wouldn’t mind!). Anyhow, good luck and see you around the Diabetes Online Community!

8 06 2010
Emily B

Love this project. One thing I want my son to be sure of is that D will not stand in the way of him doing anything he wants.

8 06 2010

Thanks Emily,
This is the place for your son. What state do you live in? I’d love to photograph him.

8 06 2010
Emily B

We’re in California

14 06 2010

I’m alex and I am 13. i had type 1 diabeties since i was 3. I live in jersey and thought this was cool

17 06 2010

Hi Ken,

Great Project. I am 31 and have had type 1 diabetes for 26 years! i live in white plains, NY and would love to be a part of your project.

Thanks so much,

21 06 2010

I’ve been a type 1 diabetic for 26 years. Thank you.

30 06 2010

my 11 year old son is an incredible boy with type one diabetes. we live in new jersey if you’re photographing here. good luck with your project- totally looking forward to it ;))

29 07 2010

My son is 11 yrs. old also..DX on Christmas Eve of 2009…We live down at the Jersey Shore..No kids in our neighborhood, or in his school..Was wondering what part you live in..And if you have the same heartaches I do of a young child with diabetes.

29 07 2010

Talk to Jeremy at jimmyinsulin.org
He started a great non-profit providing free peer to peer diabetes support.
He is a great guy with a great mission.

17 07 2010
Janice Piccotti

Hi, Ken,

My son, Paul, was in the Leaders in Training program at Camp Nejeda, and, I believe, had the opportunity of boating with you.

Thanks for embarking on this project. I am anxious to read your book someday soon.

Paul was diagnosed at 20 months. The best advice I ever received was to treat him like a child first and a child with diabetes second. The second best advice I ever received — from his endo at Morristown Memorial Hospital — was to consider Nejeda. It has been a home-away-from-home for him and a source of acceptance and empowerment.

Glad to make your acquaintance,
Janice, proud mom of Paul

17 07 2010

Thanks for the note Janice.
Paul is a great kid. I look forward to seeing great things from him.

29 07 2010
Deana Cruse

I think what you are doing is great. My daughter’s pancreas broke sometime last year and she was diagnosed with type 1 on August 5, 2009. She is 11 now and on the insulin pump. She loves the freedom it gives her in her life. I think she is tough and to prove to the world she is she joined the boys 11-12yr old football team. She makes me so proud and never has and never will let that faulty pancreas keep her from living. Thanks again for what you do. I know you are probably too far away as we live in SC. If you are ever down this way, look us up!
Riley’s mom and #1 fan-Deana Cruse

3 08 2010

That is so cool. Good for her. I will keep you in mind next time I plan a trip!

16 08 2010
Madeline Andersen

Hey Ken,
I’m Madeline and have had type one diabetes for only 3 years. I like your idea with this project. It lets people know diabetes doesn’t stop us from doing anything we want. I was also just at Camp Nejeda where one of the boys did his project.

12 10 2010
Kim Jensen

Hello Ken: My father had type 1. He lost a few toes and most his vision the last few years of his life. I am sure he would say good job when it comes to your project. Like many commenting here he never let his ( D ) rule his life.

28 10 2010

Awesome website! I love LOVE the pics! Keep up the great work.

T1 Diabetic since 1998

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