13 03 2010

Meet Olivia.
She is 9 and has had diabetes for about 4 years–but that doesn’t define her.
She is a dancer. A student. And a joy to be around.

(Interview coming soon.)





9 responses

18 03 2010
Jennifer Hurley

I am Olivia’s mother and I am very proud of Olivia. She is a very inspirational girl! She loves to dance and always tries to do her best no matter what. Olivia wants everyone to know you can be whatever you want to be no matter what you need to overcome. Diabetes is a disease but doesn’t define Olivia…she defines who she is going to be:)

18 03 2010
Amy McMath

Olivia you look BEAUTIFUL !!! Great job !!! We love you !!!!

18 03 2010
Alexia Montesano

Great job Olivia !! You are a great cousin !!

19 03 2010

You look beautiful!!! I’m so very proud of you.. You are an inspiration to many with what you endure on a daily basis. You can be anyone you want to be Olivia. Diabetes is a disease and I hope that some day they are able to find a cure for it. I hope you become a nurse like you want to be, and assist all the young children with Diabetes. WE love you so much!!!!

Jay & Hayley

19 03 2010

I love you Olivia… and I am so amazed by how brave you are!!! You look so beautiful in this picture!!

19 03 2010

Great Job Olivia! I am proud of you!

19 03 2010
Colleen Stevens

Keep reaching for the stars! You are beautiful inside and out! Much love to you. We hope that you are able to inspire others to follow their dreams, despite any obstacles they may endure.
With Love,
Colleen, Derek and Jack

20 03 2010
Jane Kelly

Hi Olivia, you and I have never met…but I feel like I know you through Amy and Alexia. They talk about you a lot and what you endure. You are an amazing little girl…keep plugging along with your beautiful smile and energy.
Jane Kelly

22 03 2010
Eileen Braley

Dear Olivia,
Congratulations for taking part in this wonderful adventure. You are an inspiration to all. Your lively, loving personality warms the world around you. Your courage is more than any child should know and you walk through it all, with such poise and grace, loving life along the way! You are truly a little beauty and a joy to know and care for. I have all the faith in you, that you will achieve your goals! You are the greatest voice any other child with diabetes could hear. So speak loudly and tell all the children about yourself, so that they wil have the hope and the courage to try and trust as you have so quietly done.

With lots of love and support,

Eileen, your nurse at school

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