19 08 2010

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One response

20 08 2010

I think that this is an awsome project you have take on. First I love photography, I use to do it professional, still do alot of family & friends. I have one pic of my son sleeping, to me he looked cut, little did I think it was when he was going into a diabetic coma at the time. I look at that picture & still yr & 1/2 later brings tears to my eyes.
Yes my the way my son Robert is now 10yrs old & was diagnosed with type1 on May 4th, 2009.
I heard you are going to the Today Show with Noah, I think that is great. Unfortunately we will not be able to go we actually have an appointment with his Endro doc that day. We have Dante the flamingo outside watching over our garden. Would love to hear more about your work & maybe photo my son someday?? I know you are probably very busy.
And my true first love is my son & making sure he is okay.
Loveing Parent of type 1 Mairead

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