Ken Kotch has been a photographer for ten years. He holds a B.S. in Photography from Northeastern University. He has worked for the Associate Press during the 2004 Boston Democratic National Convention, Sports Illustrated Magazine (covering the NEw England Patriots), ProCycling Magazine, National Parks Magazine, as well as private events, weddings and portraits. He has lived in Italy, China and currently calls Boston home.

Ken was diagnosed with Type I (juvenile) diabetes when he was eight years old. His doctor at the time, Dr. Starkman, told him there was nothing he could not do—except skydive and scuba dive. “Why?” Ken asked. “Because those are the two things I wouldn’t do,” replied Dr. Starkman. Ken has adopted that mentality ever since.

He is now working on a project photographing people with diabetes. With Broken Pancreas, Ken hopes to show the world that diabetics lead (extra)ordinary lives everyday.


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11 07 2010
Chloe Long

This is so cool!

19 07 2010
Brianna Limebrook

Hi Ken –

I read about your work in the recent JDRF New England summer newsletter, which our team, “Raiders of the Lost Tuk” is also mentioned in – I’ve got to say it’s an impressive project!! Our team of 3 is racing alongside 60 other teams from around the world (and only 5 teams from the U.S.) on a 2,000 mile, 2 week trek across the entire subcontinent of India all to raise money for our chosen charity – JDRF. Did I mention we’re making this entire journey in a rickshaw (also known as a tuk-tuk)? JDRF is a cause that means a lot to us as our teammate Jim has been living with Type 1 diabetes since age 10. We hope to do this to not only raise $ for JDRF, but, as you also aim to do, prove Type 1 diabetes doesn’t have to hold you back from anything!

Love your work and hope to be in touch. Hope you can check out our own pics from the road at or – we kick off from the starting line Sept. 11!


16 01 2011

Hi Ken!
Congratulation for your video about broken pancreas.
You hop to show the world that diabetics lead (extra)ordinary lives everyday.
I do allso by living my life as normal as possible. So, after I retired in age of 43 I remembered my driving licent for big trucks, I made 30 years ago in the army. Now I work parttime as a Trucker and love to come around in Europe and also love to come home with presents for the wife and children when I was far away. Also I like to stay at home because I would never feel lonely at home in the own house build new in 2006.

So if you ever come to Germany, I would love to welcome you as a couchsurfer 😉


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