Marathon Monday

18 04 2011

The 115th Boston Marathon is winding to a close. 7 of the top 15 men are from a country abbreviated as “KEN” (nothing to do with me though). Ryan Hall, the only American in the top 15 finished fourth in 2:04:58.

What now? Get ready for next year.
Broken Pancreas is planning on putting a charity team in the 2012 Boston Marathon.
Will you be running with us or will you be cheering?


Liam – Rock Climbing

29 01 2011

Liam has had diabetes a mere 4 months and at 7 has been rock climbing for 2 years.

He and his family decided they wanted to do something to raise money for diabetes research so they and Rock Spot Climbing (in Lincoln, RI) hosted – Send For A Cure. The event raised over $6000 to fund JDRF’s search for the cure.

Liam is a real inspiration. When I’m down on diabetes, I realize there are kids like him scaling walls!


11 08 2010

I photographed Don early in the summer. He is one of those people who seems to be good at everything. Whatever he is into, be practices non-stop until he conquers it. Here he is hitting bulls eye after bulls eye.

While I was traveling, someone told me,  “Diabetics can’t see well.” Don would beg to differ.

Coach Singleton

19 05 2010

What does a PE teacher with a literature degree and diabetes do on a Saturday afternoon?

He coaches Girls Flag Football. Here’s The pep talk at half time.

See more of the Broken Pancreas Project here:

Diabetics Do It Better

19 04 2010

As an avid cyclist, I find this team inspiring.

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