Diabetes Risk.

22 03 2011

Today is The American Diabetes Association Alert Day.
Take a minute or two and take a quick test to assess your risk.

Here’s the info:
Go to www.stopdiabetes.com
Take the Diabetes Risk Test in English or Spanish
Call 1-800-DIABETES (1-800-342-2383)
Text JOIN to 69866 (Standard data and message rates apply)

Though I already have Type 1 diabetes I took the test. Good News! I’m at low risk. (The family history part refers to me.)

Diabetes Risk Test

Diabetes Risk Test



12 05 2010

Every once in a while a photo shoot goes so well you leave with some great photographs and a new friend.

Enter Mick.

He is a photographer. He is one of those rare people who put everyone else at ease and you can immediately relax. He has type 2 diabetes.

If you found this…

2 02 2010

If you found this page, you should email me (or leave a comment). It would be safe to assume you have diabetes and are tired of people thinking there are things you can’t do.

(If you don’t have diabetes, you should send this page to a friend – or 10 – who do.)

This project is still in its infancy. I have talked to fewer then 20 people about it. The reaction I got from everyone is, “I’m so glad you are doing this. How can I be a part?”

Want to learn more and/or be a part? Email me: diabetes[at]kotch[dot]biz

Or  post a comment.

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